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55 plus

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2 years

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NSW Sydney West and Blue Mountains, Hunter, Northern Rivers, Southern Highlands & Tablelands
QLD Brisbane North, Darling Downs and South West, Ipswich and west Moreton, Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast, Wide Bay Burnett

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17 Sep 11 Dec 22 Mar '20 19 Apr '20 20 Apr '20 30 Nov '20

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More information about this house sitter

I am now not available until mid December this year. I am looking for somewhere hopefully in areas such as Tenterfield, Glenn Innes or Armidale (or vicinity) during the summer months. I am looking for somewhere where there is a chance of the heat being a few degrees cooler than other parts of Australia during the summer months.

I am a single woman of retirement age, a non smoker, non drinker, no drugs, no partying (yes regarded as boring by some!) person who would love the chance to look after your property and animals while you are away. I have a collection of contactable references which I can make available if they don't happen to come with my application and I do hold a Police Check which is dated 2016. (Sorry not exactly up to date but I have done nothing against the law since that date!)

I am a home body type of person. I will be at home most of the time keeping your animals company. I might go out now and again to look about or go shopping but mostly I will be staying put and enjoying looking after your home and pets.

I house sit full time all year round but I do not have a camper or caravan (hope that will change one day). I travel with whatever I can fit in my very small car so I am looking for house sits that offer accommodation. I try to be as self-sufficient as I can be and even travel with my own cooking appliances. I also carry my own pantry supplies and fridge and freezer supplies (so please ......I need some space left for me in the fridge and freezer!). I try very hard not to use your supplies at all but If I am caught short and need something I will replace anything that I use more than a little bit of. Happy to use up though (and not replace) anything left in the fridge which will go off before your return! (like milk, yoghurt. salad items, fruit and veggies etc)

I am happy to look after any animals, birds, fish. Even donkeys and horses if they only need to be fed and watered and maybe an apple now and again over the fence. With dogs I am probably better at looking after the smaller/medium kind because I may not be able to handle larger dogs if they need to go for walks and they would prefer to walk me instead of the other way around. Quite capable and happy to throw a ball etc (if they fetch ball) to give them plenty of exercise if you don't mind them not actually going for a set 'walk'. If you have two small dogs needing to go for walks I am happy to do so but do request that a double lead is made available. (not sure what they are called) The type that is one single lead from the hand but divides into two part way along allowing two dogs to be clipped to it. My problem is with dogs that may crisscross right in front of me while walking along and can possible cause a fall if I trip. This type of lead can be achieved DIY if one cannot be purchased by knotting two together part way along.

I would also prefer to know up front if your dog is in any way scared of storms. I really need to know your normal routine for looking after your dog in this circumstance. So please if this is the case with your dog please let me know when you get back to me after reading this and not leaving me to find out when it is all too late. I don't mind looking after them at all but I need to know the best way to handle them in such circumstances.

I am also a cat lover and can usually get on with most shy reluctant ones. It is really just a matter of patience and love. If you are worried about how your cat may be with me I can highlight which references to contact where I looked after shy and timid cats successfully.

Don't mind if I have to look after chooks or aviaries of birds. Would really like your place if you have wild birds and animals coming near. I do not mind regional areas at all. In fact I prefer to go to rural or even isolated or 'out of the way places' or to go 'bush' but remember I do not have a 4WD vehicle.

Don't mind looking after a swimming pool and keeping it leaf free as much as possible but I will not likely make use of it myself! I also hope you have a working style of mechanical creepy crawly to help keep the bottom clean. The photo here shows me hand cleaning the pool when the creepy crawly did not want to work properly!

I don't mind watering gardens, lawns and pot plants etc. If I have to water by hand I am hoping it will not be an extensive or large garden that takes a long time to complete. More than happy to turn on and off sprinklers etc.

I try to take shorter length house sits these days to avoid the need of mowing lawns and weeding gardens. Happy to take longer sits if lawns do not need to be maintained by me (happy to water them though). (Sorry I just can't do what I used to be able to! The shoulder is just not up to cantankerous pull start mowers and my back complains at bending these days!)

I always endeavour to leave your home as clean and neat as you left it and look after it as if it were my own. I do sometimes have my sewing machines with me and like to sew on occasion (not all the time) so I might set up my machines on a table (I always put a towel down to protect your table)

I also like to have internet. Very happy to pay for my own mobile internet if necessary but if so I need you to be in an area where I can get decent reception. All the better if I can use your wifi. I don't download movies or music.

As you can see I will not be suitable to some house sits and I have tried to be entirely truthful here so if you think I will actually suit your needs and are interested in having me as a house sitter please email me with as many details as you can. I would very much like to have photos of your property and animals. I would prefer an email telling me about your place before a phone call. It gives me time to take it all in before we speak in person.

Where possible I go out of my way to travel to you for an initial meet before the actual house sit so I can see first hand if your house sit will be suitable and you can make up your mind if I would suit your needs. Sometimes this is not possible because of the distances I would have to travel but I if I can manage it I will.

If you have read down this far I thank you very much and hopefully I will hear from you soon

Kind Regards

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