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Rafa and Anastasia, marriage housesiters

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26 to 35


Pedagogue and engineer, psychologist and photographer

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WA (full regions list)

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5 out of 5

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Greetings to you :)

We are Rafal and Anastasia, polish-ukrainian marriage, mature, clean and tidy, trustworthy, responsible pet lovers with many years experience of living together with animals. Now we are on our honeymoon long-term traveling. As we move around a lot since one year and miss our pets so much, we'd love to do house-sitting for others to be around animals again. Although we eventually plan to settle for a while in Perth, so have chosen to be house sitters to experience living like a local in different areas. We already have experience in housitting in Perth: for one month we've been taking care of a house and one cat, now we are taking care of two dogs, and next will be house with 3 dogs where we got accepted.

Animals experiences
Our life is connected with animals. We have 3 cats at our polish and Ukrainian houses. Since childhood both of us were growing up with animals around - cats and fishes at home, but also taking care of lots of homeless dogs during summer on the countryside. For 15 years Rafal has been volunteering in shelter for horses and all kind of homeless animals, dogs, sheeps, donkeys, boars and other. From time to time we worked also in dog kennel and involved in different projects connecting with protecting the animals rights. We love animals and try to do something good for them. During our travel also we try to find some volunteering projects connected with animal care and were lucky to know and make friends with different animals in all countries we have been to.

House keeping experience
We have our big flat for 13 years already. So we know how to carry for it. Most of repairing and renovation Rafal did by himself and arranged it with taste and professionalism. Anastasia like doing something with her hands and is quite skillful in it. We have little house with garden outside the city with vegetables, flowers, fruit and different plants and every spear moment we use to spent there taking care of the house and garden, there is always something to do there and we feel our mind is resting during the time we work there.

During our travel we have had many different farm and house jobs (dairy, fruit picking, gardening, fencing, construction work) so we are very handy around the garden and Rafal is a great engineer and fixer. It also means we have experience and are comfortable with different house job.

Dog experience
Although we are cat lovers we like dogs a lot. We don't have our own dog because we are moving a lot and very often we are absent at our home. When we will have more settle life, we would love to have a dog also. Our experience with dogs is connected with shelter for animals and dog kennels in which Rafal is volunteering already 15 years and Anastasia for last 5 years. Anastasia also spend a big part of her life on the country side with her family, where they were carrying about lots of homeless dogs, trying to make their life better. Because many of our friends have dogs we sometimes carry for them too. It's impossible to don't like dogs because they are so devoted, so pure, emotional, full of thankfulness and great friend of us.

Cats experience
Almost all our life we are living with cats. In our home in Poland we have 2 cats and in Ukraine 1. Our life with cats have started by accident, we found little, very sick one on the street and after while we feel in love with him and couldn't give him away. Second cat we have adopted as well, with cats all the time it's going like this ;). Now when we are traveling for long time we miss our cats a lot but happily Asia is full of cats and we can "adopt" from time to time at least one in each country:). This quote suits very much to us. The home is where your cat is . We love cats and pay a lot of attention to them. Because we are living many years with them have big knowledge about them and can cope with different problems which are related to them.

Something about us
Together we are travelling now through Asia already for 1 year. We have been dreaming about this travelling long time and finally decided to had a break from our daily life and activities and try to catch what we miss in our life and change it for better, get inspired from discovering the world. Anastasia is a psychologist and Rafał is engineer and pedagogist interested in alternative education. Before our travel we used to sing many years in choir and folk ukrainian band. We used to be also actors in amateur group in theater in Poland. Anastasia is also photographer and Rafal is a Dr Clown in Foundation of Dr Clown. Together we are trying to live creative, conscious and oriented on self-developing and other people life. Now we are traveling, wandering our beautiful world, involving in many interesting projects, happy to help others and make our life better.

We take great responsibility in the way we will look after your house and pets and always try to go above expectations to make sure they get as much love and care from us as they usually get from you.

We know how difficult it can be to be away from our pets so we are more than happy to share photos/videos and anything whilst you are away for piece of mind.

Whether you're looking for a full-time at home carer for your pets and active friends to walk/run with them daily, we'll be happy to be a house and pet sitters for you!

*Police checks and available upon request*
*Non-smokers with an active lifestyle*

If you want to meet/video chat, more than happy to :)

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