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Hilbert, Western Australia

ID: 1vj0
Single-storey house in the suburbs



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Sitter required for:

15 Mar 2021 20 Mar 20215 days

Dates are flexible:

PLEASE read ad in regards to this

Pet sitting required:

3 dogs, 20 other animals (Birds)

Sitter's pets welcome:

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About this house sitting position in hilbert


l am looking for a house sitter from the 15th March to 20th March 2021 for my daughters wedding.

l do leave on the 15th but am happy if you would like to come a day earlier and l return (still up in the air) and am happy if you would like to stay a day later to manage your arrival and departure

l have 3 spoodles that do need cuddles every day. They are very loving dogs and love to be around people and are inside dogs. The 2 girls are still pups and will be just over 1 year old but will be toilet trained.
l also have an aviary with budgies and these only need feeding every 2nd day and water change every 4-6 days depending on weather.

l have a 4 x 2 home and you will have your own bedroom with TV/dvd player, A/C ,clean, secure and safe. lock up garage.
Everything you need for your stay just bring your food, pillow and blanket. (if needed l have a blanket too)

l would prefer a non smoker. (if a smoker l would request that smoking only outside not inside)

The garden is very low maintenance and only the occasional weed pulling is needed.

l am a 5 minute drive from Armadale 2 main shopping centres (and the local supermarket is also less than 5 minutes away by car) and the train station.

l do leave a list of all requirements before leaving and of course discuss it with you before l leave. l also have emergency contact if you have any questions/problems and not able to contact me.

lf you have any other questions for me please ask.

in regards to the rating left by Erica this was left after l had left my rating for her and after many emails back and forth with mindahome where l was able to show them proof of some not all of my legitimate complaints. Below is a copy of the review l left for Erica which l would appreciate you please reading before making a decision based on her review (of which many claims where lies and l could show proof of this directly to mindahome )

Thanks Andrea

Unfortunately my experience with Erica and Fred turned out to be a very stressful, disappointing and an expensive time. l am not going to go into great lengths as to the many problems but will outline the most distressing points with FACTS ONLY of my personal experience (and that also of my contact person in case of emergency) , please also note that l have also written to mindahome directly outlining all of the problems that l experienced and have shown them clearly proof of my claims/problems.

To start l sent out an email with the basic outline of dates ect... Erica replied saying she was interested but they did have to over lap with other house sits stating Fred would sit my house to start and then she would sit the last couple of days until l returned, We spoke about using my car and that l was going to put them on my insurance so they could drop/pick up from the airport and use to going shopping ect. Dates, times have all been agreed upon. l did ask them to please come to my house to meet the dogs and see the house ect... but was told no need we are experienced sitters (something l will never again agree to if you cannot make the time to come and meet the dogs and view my home you will not be considered if a house sitter is in Perth). ln my second and main email in regards to house sitting l stated 3 (maybe 4) dogs. l had planned to have my daughter look after one of the dogs so that they only had 3 dogs but unfortunately she did not settle into the place and within 24 hours had to bring her home again due to her damaging the rental they are in. When Erica dropped off Fred l explained the situation and they seemed to understand and Fred said "do not worry we have looked after 4 dogs before just go on your holiday and enjoy yourself".......

1 hour before Fred was due to take me to the airport he informs me he works on the computer from 4-5:30 and cannot take me to the airport. He did offer to call an uber l called a couple of friends and found someone to take me to the airport. l do not understand why l was not told this as it was agreed they would drive me to the airport in my car.
Within 24 hours of leaving l get a message from Erica "find somewhere else for Rosie" l am now overseas and need to find another place for the dog?? l had already exhausted that avenue before leaving. ...l advised please contact my emergency contact Courtney (l had also explained that Courtney had a baby that was sick, going away for a few days at the end of the month and dogs herself)
Erica contacted Courtney on the 15th and after a conversation it was agreed Courtney would collect Rosie on the 25th and make contact the 24th to organise a time. Courtney did ask if there was a problem with Rosie and was told "no, Andrea said 3 dogs not 4!"
Within 24 hours Erica messaged Courtney asking to call her and was told that she needed to come today and collect Rosie, at this time Courtney was very confused as they had already confirmed a date for collection and now it is being changed? she also asked if there was a problem with Rosie and again was told "no, Andrea said 3 dogs not 4! and she is the first one to bark and that makes the others bark"
Courtney came the following day to collect Rosie and was refused entry into the property Rosie was handed through the security door and when the toddler tried to enter the house (as he always does when he comes to visit ) she closed the screen. Courtney asked about some other items Rosie needed Erica relied "oh not sure will go look" and then closed the front door leaving Courtney (who was also now sick), child and dog standing outside in the heat while she went and collected the extra items. Erica also stated she did not have a proper lead for her because she could not find the lead?? it was hanging in the garage with the leads and balls which l had shown Fred before leaving
Only 2 updates in 28 days and 1 update with 1 photo of one dog and an update 5 days before coming home. l did advise them l had no wifi/internet from the 12-22nd and after that it would be intermittent but had thought l might have been given a little more.
l did state with the 4 dogs that with walking they could take 2 every second day but upon returning home l read the handover letter stating "they where run everyday" l asked 4 neighbours if they had seen the dogs being walked 1 said yes twice in the 28 days another said she saw them walking but never with dogs. Also wondering why she said she could not find a lead when Rosie was collected on the 15th and a note stating "they were run every day" some very major contradictions. Maybe they where walked, in the dark but who do l believe.
Erica changed my puppies diet without ever informing me or the emergency contact or even speaking to Courtney when she collected Rosie on the 15th. l find this very reckless, dangerous and very rude that they felt they could change the dogs diet without any consultation with anyone or even letting me know until l got home reading a note left saying he was constipated so it was either change diet or vet. NO it is contact the emergency number and email me, not letting me find out from a note when you have left that you changed my dogs diet weeks after you have done it.
A few days before returning l get an email saying they are leaving on the Tuesday and will walk and leave the dogs at 2:30 and they will only be alone a couple of hours as you know we have to back home by 5 so Fred can go to work on the computer....... why are you leaving on a Tuesday when l return on a Wednesday? why are you not picking me up from the airport? l was in shock and worried about what l was going to do as they agreed to stay to the Wednesday. Then what was going to happen to the dogs outside for 29 hours all these thoughts and worries running through my head and also how am l getting home form the airport? l just sat there crying for a short while before replying and asking why are you leaving on a Tuesday and not Wednesday? Erica replied it was a mistake she meant Wednesday, relief and less stress about the dogs.
Still then had to find someone to come and collect me at short notice from airport when she had agreed to pick me up and do the house handover.
Upon returning home l find the dogs outside without them pulling down the shade cover for the patio where the dogs have the seats to sit when outside leaving them with little other shade around the house. Also a note saying all dog water outside? WHY? they have a bucket outside, l go to find the bucket and find it empty on the other side of the garden. lt has obviously become empty and blown across the garden long before today showing that the outdoor bucket had not had water in it for sometime. You can imagine my horror knowing they where outside in 38C heat with little to no shade.
l had agreed to put the car insurance in their name because she agreed they would drop off/pick up from the airport and l thought that as they had no car they could use it while l was away thinking to/from shops ect but this did not happen no pickup/drop off and find that l have an extra 1,200-1,300 ks on my car in 28 days. (actually less l departed at 16:30 on the 9th January and returned 20:15 on the 5th February and they had moved out the 4th so 26 days)
Asked for birds to be feed every second day but came home to find the container 1/3-1/2 full of seed and a mice infestation.
l will state that the house was clean when l came home.

Unfortunately Erica and Fred after reading my review have decided to slander me which l find very distressing when the claims they are making are lies.

1) Addclearly stated 3 dogs (may be 4) and in the main description it clearly stated 4 dogs and this was seen by mindahome themselves directly so there was no deception. lf there is any concern in this matter please contact mindahome directly to confirm l have stated the truth.
1) My dog was not in heat this is a fact l only just advised them that she may come into heat it was only a 1% chance but just wanted them to be aware and then if she did they could then contact Courtney.

2) Again a lie the dogs where not in the house they where locked outside in the back yard. Why would Courtney have any reason to lie? She has none. Courtney also has the texts which l have seen so would love to see yours.

3) Yes they are crazy when they know they are going for a walk that is because they are a Spoodle you get the same reaction when you go away shopping for 1 hour. Also they are all on one lead 3 leads into one if they pulled there was another single lead hanging there as well you could have taken 2 dogs on 1 lead and another on the other lead.

4) Sorry, that was not what l was told when you arrived ?? "that you got an emergency call from work" l thought you where self employed? l was told that you work every day from 4-5:30 that is when the markets open. l have the email with you stating you need to be back for 5pm when he starts checking the markets, as this is a daily occurrence and that was the reason you could not pick me up!

5) l would love to see the before and after pictures as l do not eat in my car so l do not know what you are claiming that there where food containers and the car was dirty. This is a straight up lie you are saying to slander me nothing more. More diesel in the car ? well there should have been a full tank after driving 1,200-1,300 ks in 26 days, the car had 1/2 a tank when l left and 3/4 tank when l got home. Also in your hand over note you stated "car washed and fuelled" nothing about cleaned.
Again another lie about my house being dirty you really do disgust me. l cleaned my house the day l left and have never and will never leave my house as in your description.
"The dogs have the run of the house" how is this when you had them locked outside all day? There was 1 male dog and his problem with peeing was discussed in FULL length with you and where also told if he did start to do this that they where then to be put in the garage so this did not happen inside the house. lf the situation was so bad and the house so bad l think l would have had bad reports from other house sitters and to date only from you in retaliation to my review of your sitting.

6) Ollie has been on the same food since he was born and l had had no problems with him at all. Yes l do understand that he may have had a problem pooping and if Fred and Erica where concerned the FIRST response for a MINDFUL PET CARER would have been to contact the emergency person and ask what they should do and then at the very least send me an email the day you change the diet so l could then advise at my earliest chance what l wished to be done. NOT leave a note on the day l arrive home

7) Again l shake my head at another lie! never in all the time l have had dogs has any dog every "knocked over" the full bucket of water. A very strange reply that you left extra bowls of water but left a bucket empty that was found on the other side of the garden?
The dogs did not have plenty of shade the sun comes directly into the back patio at the end of the day between 3-5pm and this is where the dogs sit/lay/rest as this is where the couches are for them. lt was a 35C day and the side shade awning was up so there was no shade FACT

8 1 picture of one dog was sent to me the whole time l was away

9 l have no email on the 26 Jan ASKING if it were possible for Andrea to obtain a ride from the airport, Had l, l would have replied no as it was agreed upon and the reason l allowed them to use my car.

10 My house is not dirty if it was l am sure l would not have new house sitters sitting for me soon, who have come to my home to meet my dogs. l am sure if it was dirty and smelled like pee they would not have agreed to house sit and they had courtesy of coming to my home before the house to meet and see my home (which by the way is only 5 1/2 years old and would be happy to get a stat dec with character references about how l keep my home).

No explanation as to why all the tin dog food was used and purchased when they where feed dry biscuits.

Must also be noted that my electricity was just shy of double from the last bill and the same time the previous year. l always expect it to be a little higher but not quite as much as that.

ln closing and as previously stated l will insist that any future house sitter come to my home before sitting for me as they then can see l do have a clean tidy and nice home NOT the rubbish and malicious accusations stated by 2 people with no founded truth. And as stated my ad stating 4 dogs has been seen and verified by mindahome directly l did not mislead or lie to anyone.


Home has internal security cameras


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Reviews for Andrea

1 star stars
“To Whom It May Concern,

My partner and I have been housesitting around the world for the past eight years and have amassed over 30 housesits during this time. During this time, we have received glowing references and have never had anyone unsatisfied with our work. Since our reputation is extremely important to us, we feel it necessary to respond to our first unsatisfactory review by a recent homeowner. Please note we have emails and pictures to back up everything stated below.

We responded to an ad from Andrea of Hilbert, Australia at the mindahome.com website. She needed housesitters with short notice as her original housesitters canceled and the dates worked well for us, so an agreement was reached to care for her three dogs and 16 or so birds while she was away. Andrea did invite us to the house for a visit prior to accepting, but looking at the three small dogs figured this was just a normal situation. Everything was bopping along as it always does with these things until we arrived on the day of the housesit.

We had a two day overlap from the housesit we were finishing and Andrea’s housesit, so Erica dropped me off at Andrea’s and returned to the old housesit. This is where I feel the need to go point by point through Andrea’s review and offer my thoughts.

1)- We agreed to watch three dogs. When I arrived, an additional dog was added to the list without any prior notification from Andrea. Usually, this is not a problem as we looked after 4 Balinese dogs in Bali for seven months (to another rave review!). This was different as the newest member to the clan was a young female who was coming into heat. Changing doggie diapers and dealing with two unfixed males with a female coming into heat was not in our agreement with Andrea and was something we were not prepared to deal with. If we had known ahead of time, we would have declined the housesit from the start. We feel it was incredibly unfair to put us in this position. Be that as it may, it was the situation we were in and it needed to be dealt with. Since Andrea’s friend had a sick child, we kept the female for a week until she was gracious enough to take the extra dog off of our hands.

2)- Andrea comments that we did not invite her friend, Courtney, and young son into the house when they arrived to collect Rosie. Her friend’s son is a very young toddler. While they have their own sweet personalities, Andrea’s dogs are basically feral in that they are completely untrained and allowed to jump all over anyone and anything in sight. We felt it safer to keep the dogs away from the child to keep from knocking him over and possibly becoming injured.

The description of events with Courtney are interesting. I, Fred, spoke with Courtney at the door, not Erica. I offered a lead for Rosie (with an extra long length) and offered the doggie diapers for when Rosie came into heat. Both offers were politely refused. At no time were Courtney and her child locked out in the heat. Ridiculous! True we did not invite them into the house for the reasons above, but all dog items were located instantly and the handover was rather smooth and uneventful. I know this because Erica did not know where any of the dog items were and I did.

The description of confusion with pickup dates for Rosie is completely refuted by text messages between Erica and Andrea which can be provided to anyone on request.

3)- Andrea also claims as “fact” that her dogs were not walked because the neighbors stated they only saw us walking the dogs a couple of times. Completely false. We take our responsibilities very seriously. I walked the dogs personally every day. I was unaware I was to inform the neighbors of my daily dog walking. Note to future housesitters; these dogs are balls of energy and go completely off the charts when they know they are going for a walk – again the word feral comes to mind. They are untrained, difficult to get on leads and the three of them together have quite a pull on the leads.

4)- I work for a company on the internet. As we were driving to Andrea’s, I got a phone call from my employer stating they had an emergency situation and asked me to take a shift that directly conflicted with driving Andrea to the airport. So, upon arriving, I asked Andrea if I could not only call an Uber to drive her to the airport, but I also offered to PAY for the Uber as well. I insisted a half dozen times and each time, Andrea declined. It was Andrea’s choice to inconvenience a friend instead of having me pay for a ride. I am not sure how much else I could have done under the circumstances.

5)- It was agreed ahead of time that the use of Andrea’s car was included in the housesit. As with everything else, we take great pride in the care of others pets and property. This car was indescribably dirty with trash everywhere and food containers thrown about inside. It was so incredulous, I had to take before and after pictures. Andrea arrived home to a completely clean car with more diesel in the tank than when we arrived.

The house was in a similar state. We understand that people live differently with some folks tidier than others. Since the dogs have run of the house and furniture and drag everything in with them, suffice it to say that Andrea’s place is not the cleanest place in the world, in fact, it was downright unclean. The male dogs are chained inside at night and have a habit of peeing on the floors inside as well, even after extensive time late at night for a “final wee”. Erica set about cleaning everything when she arrived two days later. Again Andrea returned home to a completely clean home with all linens washed and put away.

6)- Andrea claims we were irresponsible for changing the puppy’s food without her knowledge. We left a detailed list of handover notes for Andrea when she arrived home. In the detailed notes, I described the following. Had I not mentioned it in the notes, there would have been no way she would have known what happened. We believe in honest transparency and described the situation.

When we arrived, the puppy, Ollie was on puppy food. We pay attention to our pets and noticed right away that he was constipated and having great difficulty defecating. He was constantly straining and nothing was coming out. Having raised our own dogs and looked after countess others, we recognized that he may have an allergy or intolerance to his food. Since Andrea was incommunicado for most of her trip (again, we have saved all communications), we had the following choices: a)- leave him alone and hope it cleared up; b) take him to the vet or c)- try a different food. We waited 48 hours to see if the situation would clear up on its own. It did not. Then we were left with the options b and c. Before taking him to the vet and incurring a nice vet fee, we opted to change his food to what the older dogs were eating to see if this was the issue. Within 24 hours he was pooing like a champ. Obviously, he was having a reaction to the puppy food. We would think our actions would be applauded as mindful pet carers, but obviously not in this case. I simply ask the reader, “what would you have done?”

7)- Andrea also claims her dogs were somehow mistreated by being outside before her return. Please! I had to be at work and we needed to be at our next housesit and Andrea was due home in a few hours. We walked and fed them before we left and left them quite content in the enclosed yard – under cover with plenty of fresh water. We did not leave the “special red bowl” with water as the pup loves to knock it over. The pup loves to knock over the water buckets and bowls. We decided to leave another large bowl PLUS the proper watering dispenser – one he could not knock over- to make sure they had plenty of water. The dogs had plenty of shade under the porch and there are plenty of shaded areas around the house and the dogs often went on their own be in these shaded areas. Andrea’s assumptions in this matter are simply without merit.

8)- Andrea claims we only updated her twice during her trip. We have all emails and sms to prove otherwise. In these communications, Andrea states she is out of range on certain dates and when she returns to civilization, states her phone is not working and please leave emails. On one occasion, Erica mistakenly put Tuesday as our leaving day in an email to Andrea when in fact it was Wednesday. Andrea’s concerned email at 6:34 was answered and date corrected at 6:39 (5 minutes). We have a complete log of all emails and text messages.

9)- Andrea claims we gave her short notice on getting a ride from the airport. Erica sent an email to Andrea on 26 Jan ASKING if it were possible for Andrea to obtain a ride from the airport, a full 10 days before her flight home. Hardly short notice and it was a request. Had she not been able to get a ride, we would have gladly collected her.

10)- A couple of things to conclude. A)- we departed on Wed 5th of Feb, not the 4th, B)- birds were watered and fed as instructed. Did not see any signs of mice. All birds were alive and well when we left.
Anyone thinking about sitting for Andrea please make sure you get all the details about how many dogs, which are having pups and which are coming into heat. As well as be prepared to be in a home that is dirty and smells like dog pee as the males will pee at night on the corner of the lounge chairs even if you let them out at 11 pm and again at 4.30 am for a pee.
Kindest Regards
Erica and Fred

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Erica - Great House Sitters With Excellent Refs - 24 Feb 2020

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