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Belconnen, Australian Capital Territory

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20 Feb 2019 1 Mar 2019 9 days

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We are Ratty 9 and Miss Molly 7.
We are Devon Rex cats so look a bit weird I'm told. I suppose it depends on your point of view. Mum tells us we are beautiful, so it must be something personal.

We live with mum in a 2-bedroom townhouse within easy walking distance from services: major shopping mall and cinema, smaller shops, fresh food market, indoor fitness facility and buses to the city for theatres, parliamentary circle, national library and gallery's.
There are two bicycles to borrow too but only one helmet.
There are some easy walks nearby, Lake Ginninderra and Bruce Ridge.

The other room is mums' work room, it has a wall bed and converts to a fab second bedroom when needed.

If you enjoy cooking the kitchen is fabulous (and we LOVE to help). Mum calls me the Baron of Badgery, I don't know what that means but she gets excited sometimes with how helpful I am, I don't like it much when she locks me outside and keeps the cooking to herself. The stove is apparently pretty good, a 6 burner Smeg cooker, gas top/electric oven and there's plenty of bench space.
Mum doesn't like us walking on the bench and stove. She sprays us with a water spray when we get caught.

We do not have Netflix or similar, Mum listens to the radio and other music a lot, but there is a TV, sound system and internet for your use. The TV has a thingy that connects it to wifi so you can get SBS on demand and iView if that's your thing.

I am very sociable and will hold lengthy conversations with you about many things including the lack of food in my bowl. I don't like Molly much, she's a bit too mad for me, but hey sometimes you must put up with youngsters eh, and she does do a good clean of my ears when I ask her.

Molly is a nutter, likes high places (shoulders, shelves, we have one of these above the front door), she is sometimes shy of new people. For a small cat she has a big voice and will let you know when she needs cuddles. I sometimes get a bit deaf if I'm sitting beside her when she bellows.

The Important Stuff
We are both asthmatic and need a puffer twice a day. I'm ok with it if there is a cuddle involved and expect a treat after :) Molly, she struggles and will need wrapping up in a blanket or towel to giver her the puffer but she takes it ok.
She likes a treat after too and I'll ask for another given she's getting one and I shouldn't miss out on any extras eh.
I also need a twice daily supplement with my food.

Mum works for herself and comes home at lunchtime, so we have trained her to provide 3 meals a day. This is GOOD :) but we can manage on two if you must go out.

Mum sometimes leaves an automatic feeder out for us when she must be away for longer periods, it dispenses biscuit snacks to tide us over. But we are both short on teeth these days, so the biscuits are getting a bit hard to eat.

We are looking for someone who will be around through the day for company, midday cuddles are wonderful, lunch and various snacks.
We usually have 3-4 small meals/day because one of us throws up when given a full bowl meant to last the whole day. Sometimes it's me, sometimes it's her. She leaves it on the front door mat to step in when you get home. I prefer to leave mine on the shag pile rug or bed. Mum thinks this is disgusting. I like to think of it as either a gift or payback depending on the time of day.

If you think you might like to come and play with us and would be available in the daytime for play and providing food, drop us/mum a line.

Sir Ratbag (Ratty) Aloysius O'Carroll

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