5 tips to keep your house tidy with pets

-dog2We love our dogs, but we don’t want our homes to smell like them. Here are some tips to keep your home tidy and clean when you have one or more fur-friend sharing your home.

Removing pet hair

Brushing your dog every day will cut down the hair flying around in your home. It will also remove any flaky skin by distributing natural oils through your dogs coat. Not only will regular brushing save your home and furniture from unruly hair and mess, it will also provide you with some important bonding time with your fur-friend. To remove hair from clothes, use a tape roller and always have one readily available around the house. For the furniture, an upholstery tool will do the job nicely.


One of simplest – and cheapest – things to use to get rid of pet smells and odours is baking soda. Sprinkle it on your carpet and leave it for a few hours before you vacuum. Spraying vinegar in the air is also said to be great at removing pet odours from your home.

Stop muddy paws

Bath mats on the outside and inside of doors and access areas help cut down the dirt and are easily washable. You can also have a container filled one-third of the way full with water at your door, along with a towel, so you can easily and quickly clean your dog’s paws after a walk.

Work quickly

It may sound obvious, but don’t leave messes too long. Clean up any indoor accidents or stains quickly, because they can alter the colours or furniture, carpet or rugs permanently!

Consider your dining options

To avoid having uneaten food hiding in crevices and cracks where it may attract ants and other creatures, consider taking your dog’s meal time to a different area of the house. Perhaps meal time could be an outdoor event or one for another room of the house. And remember to clean your pet’s food and water bowls regularly with hot water and gentle detergent and allow them to dry. This will eliminate smells, mould and odour.