Breaking down the costs of pet care

Our pets are our companions and give us unconditional love, so when we have to go away, we want the best care for them.

Aside from the mental and emotional aspects of pet care which every pet owner considers when leaving their pet, there is also the practical financial expense that needs to be considered.

Research has shown that boarding your pet in a kennel, cattery or other such facility can prove expensive, especially during peak holiday periods such as Christmas, New Year or public holidays and also if you have more than one pet that requires care.

Below is a table of some of the daily costs associated with pet care in Australia and how much it could set owners back this festive season.

Dog Boarding and Minding*

Off Peak Periods
.      Companion Boarding            Small               $29.00
.                                                   Med-Large      $31.00

.        Single Boarding                  Small               $35.00
.                                                   Med-Large      $35.00

Peak Periods
.       Companion Boarding           Small               $33 .00
.                                                   Med-Large      $35.00

       Single Boarding                  Small               $52.00
.                                                   Med-Large      $52.00

Cat boarding fees range from $19 to $35 per cat per night, with variations between peak and off-peak periods of $5 to $13*.

Based on these figures, boarding your treasured Labrador and Siamese cat from 26 December to 2 January could set a pet owner back close to $700, not to mention the hassle of transporting the pets to and from the facility.

A Mindahome house and pet sitter not only provides more personalised care for your pet, but home and pet owners can engage them for free through the site.

Securing a pet sitter over the Christmas and New Year period makes financial sense for pet owners and also reduces the stress that some pets feel when moving into an unfamiliar environment while their owners are away.

*ACAC, Contribution of the Pet Care Industry to the Australian Economy, 7th Edition, 2010