5 surprising facts about pet sitting

dog-2Pet sitting is about a bond with the pet that you care for and understanding their needs, routines and moods. So here are some facts that you may not have known about pet sitting that will highlight the important role pet sitters play in caring for treasured pets.

1. 84% of Mindahome house and pet sitters say that caring for and meeting different types of animals is a benefit of house and pet sitting

2. A survey of Mindahome pet sitters revealed that 94% admit to talking with the pets they care for, 65% watch TV with the pets and 25% sleep with the pets they care for.

3. A majority of house and pet sitters have cared for one to two animals while 23% have cared for seven or more animals for one house and pet sitting position.

4. Most pet sitters keep in regular contact with the owners of the pets they care for.  76% of Mindahome pet owners said that they thought about their pets at least once a day while they were on holidays and of these 30% said they thought about their pets more than twice a day.

5. Pets are more comfortable in their own home environment so having a pet sitter to keep pets to their normal routines and around their familiar smells and sounds will reduce their stress and anxiety while their owners are away.