Keeping Pets Warm in Winter

Cat snuggled

Although many animals have a layer or fur or hair, this doesn’t always mean that they are protected from the harsh winds and weather of winter.

Greyhounds, Chihuahuas and Dalmatians are among the short haired dog breed that really feel the chill when the temperature starts to dip.

But it’s not just our canine and feline friends that need help to stay warm. Cold blooded, reptilian pets rely on their habitat to regulate their body temperature. They too need suitable housing, lighting and heating to get them through the winter.

Along with getting suitable pet jumpers and clothing, or lighting and heating mats for your pets, there are a few other tips that can help them get through the cold that winter brings.

Keep In The Heat

Ideally your pet should be kept out of the cold for extended periods. If this isn’t possible, make sure you pet has a place where they can retreat from the wind and draughts, such as a kennel or bed. Fill their kennel with blankets so they can stay warm and be sure that their blankets remain dry. Cats love to snuggle up on the couch, so offer blankets that they can snuggle into and that will also protect your furniture from stretching claws. For reptiles, you can purchase heat lights and a reptile thermostat can also help regulate the temperature to suit your pet.

Keep Up The Exercise

You may not feel like getting up to go for a walk, but it’s important to keep up this regular routine to maintain your dog’s physical health. A lack of exercise over winter can lead to weight gain which could put strain on your pet’s internal organs. Exercise is great for your pet which is a great motivator for you too!

Care For Paws

Just like us, moving from a cold area into a heated area can play havoc on your pet’s skin and paws. Avoid dry skin and paws by patting your pet’s paws dry after being outside. Make sure you get right between their toes and around the outer paw to ensure your pet doesn’t get dry, itchy skin.

Think Twice Before You Leave

Cats love to hide around warm car engines so give your car bonnet a strong tap before turning on the engine to give any stowaways a chance to retreat. Having a pet flap in your home is a good option for pets to get out of the cold.

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