Know Your Pet’s Personality

Just like us, our pet’s have their own unique personality, which some researchers believe, they may even share with their owners.

It’s interesting to observe pets and their pet-parents at the dog park or walking down the streets of any city or town. It’s intriguing to see the similarities in their attitude and activity. There’s such a vibrant diversity in personalities with everything from the highly energised types through to those that are more laid back and happy to watch the world go by.

Here are some of the personalities we’ve observed in our pet travels. Do any of these personality traits sound like your treasured pet-pal?


Always ready for to catch a ball or jump over an obstacle, these energetic and sporty personality types are always on the go. We love seeing these pets jump over rivers, spring up to catch a Frisbee or bound from side to side, coaxed by their adoring owner.


Like the sporty personality, this character trait loves to play, but doesn’t have to be super active all the time. Playful pets love to run after the birds, jump on leaves as they’re whipped up by a passing breeze or will rub their skin all over the grass just for fun. Playful pets are fun to be around and always have a tongue hanging out to show their having a great time.


The more curious pets will sniff and pace around an object or pet playmate before deciding to commit to finding out more. They will often give their pet parent those big dog eyes as if questioning whether they approve of their next move. Curious, but still willing to have a go, these pet types provide onlookers with some great park side entertainment.


Cautious pets are the ones that hang close to their pet-parent’s side and rarely stray too far. The cautious types need little to get spooked, so best to approach their pet-parent to ensure you receive approval first.


The king of the dog park, pets with a macho personality wander the park as if they own it. They’re too cool for playtime and strut around checking out all the other canine specimens to see if any are worth befriending.


These are the pets that are the epitome of style and grace. Not interested in getting their fur dirty or jumping around, prestige pets have all the latest on-trend gear and prance around knowing that they’re the belle of the ball.

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