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Is a House Sitter coming to care for your Pets?

Using a Pet Sitter is a great idea and your pets will thank you for it when you are away.  There are a number of things that you can do to make sure your Pet and the Sitter have the best possible time together.

Pet sitters are animal lovers but they do not know about the Diet, Health, Habits, Routines, Rules relating to your pet because each household and pet is different.  Any information you can supply would be appreciated by your Pet Sitter so that they can be as ease knowing they are providing your companions with the care, love and attention they are used to.

Below is a list of some things your furry companions’ may like you to tell their new Sitter!

This list may seem obvious but if it is the first time you have left your pets at home with a Sitter, it is very handy to have a checklist and to know that everything has been taken care of.

My Diet

  • What type of food do I have usually have and what I prefer
  • What time of day do I get fed and how often do you feed me
  • How much am I given at each meal
  • What is my favourite place to have my meals
  • When I am good do I get ‘in-between’ snacks

My General Health, Walkies and other things!

  • Is there any medication that needs to be administered to me while you are away
  • The phone number and address of my favourite Vet
  • How often is am I exercised
    • Where do we usually walk
    • How long is the walk
    • Where is my leash kept
    • Can I be let off the leash anywhere
  • Am I groomed regularly?
    • Where are the grooming items kept
  • Sometimes I need a bath and it could happen when you are away
    • Where do you bath me (inside/outside)
    • What products do you use and where are they kept
    • How am I dried, tell them I hate the hair dryer!

My Personality traits

  • Am I friendly to everyone
  • Am I easily alarmed, how do I respond to loud noises or thunder
  • Am I good a socializing with other dogs
  • How about the Cat who lives here too! Can we  be left alone together
  • What are the commands I respond to
  • Do I love to travel in the car or, do I hate the car
  • Do I ‘wander’ and am I likely to try to explore at any opportunity!
  • Am I micro-chipped as  this puts everyone’s mind at rest!

Supply your Pet Sitter with all the information needed and your companion pets will be so much happier and you can have peace of mind while you enjoy your well earned vacation.


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  1. ..thought your advice/comments were pretty close to the mark, many owners dont have this basic info available which can be very helpful to a house/pet sitter ..and most importantly a telephone number & address of their preferred vet [or atleast closest to them] ..there is also a need for more detail when advertising for house/pet sitters such as identifying the breed etc ie [little dog or lovely cat doesn’t offer much insight to a prospective sitter]

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