When money gets tight, smart holiday makers get creative!


These days people in the know are enjoying free accommodation when they travel.

Winter is behind us and the holiday season is looming. For people that can take time off, travel plans and arrangements are already under way. However, with money tighter than usual, some are hesitant to spend as freely as they have in the past and this limits where and how far they go, how long they stay away and the quality of accommodation they can accept.

But what if there was a way to get away from it all without breaking the bank? What if there was a way for people to enjoy an extended holiday at a destination of their choice without the cost of a hotel or motel?

When money gets tight people get creative and now is no exception. Staying in a 5 star hotel may be impossible, but a restful break in spacious accommodation at a desired location is still a possibility because smart holiday makers are opting to just sit around. House-sit, that is.

House-sitting, where people arrange for others to live in their home rent free in exchange for looking after their property and pets, is becoming popular as a low cost holiday alternative. Tough economic times might be shrinking the wallet but it doesn’t have to shrink those holiday dreams and for house-sitters, a trip to an interesting place, city or even a warmer climate is still a reality. Continue reading “When money gets tight, smart holiday makers get creative!”

Your holiday is more fun when you know your pets are happy


Who doesn’t love their pets? When you are heading off for a holiday or vacation and can’t take them with you, what are your options? Have you arranged for neighbors or relatives to spend time at your home to look after them? Or are you dropping your furry friends off at the local kennel, leaving them sad eyed, confused and wondering what’s going on? Is that what you want and can you really count on your friends and neighbors?

We know commercial kennels are in the business of providing care for pets but are you prepared for the risks involved should the environment you investigated not be as perfect as you imagined? Continue reading “Your holiday is more fun when you know your pets are happy”

My House Sitting experiences

I have to say that I am an avid fan of House Sitting!!  I hadn’t even heard of House Sitting until 2 years ago when a friend asked me if I would live in their home while they were away in the U.K. for 3 months.  They had a cat and a parrot (they love each other) and didn’t want to put the cat into a ‘cattery’ because she was quite old.  The Parrot needed someone who understood its special needs, and I fitted the bill..

I have my own 2 bedroom unit and I must say the prospect of a 3 bedroom home with lots of room and a garden appealed to me.

After 3 months my friends returned home, were absolutely delighted with all I had done, gave me a beautiful gift and I returned to my flat. Continue reading “My House Sitting experiences”

House Sitting in Nashville

Grand Ole OpreyI love to travel and my most recent experience was to Nashville where I visited the Grand Ole Opry. This is best known for housing the longest-running radio show in America, and a country music institution since 1925.

The venue used to be housed at the Ryman Auditorium (which is a wonderful old building still in the heart of Nashville), until 1974 when it moved to its new location on the east side of downtown Nashville. It now seats over 4000 people.

They brought the original circular oak stage with them in the move and incorporated it into the new stage giving the feel of ‘age’ to this new location. This also means that the current artists appearing at the new venue are actually standing on the very same boards that the early singers such as Patsy Cline, Elvis Presley and many more, stood on. It has a fantastic atmosphere. Modern performers talk of the thrill they get from treading these same boards as their heroes. Continue reading “House Sitting in Nashville”

Travelling on a budget

Ok, we agree that house sitting and house swapping is one way to dramatically reduce the cost of the accommodation part of your vacation but what about that other big expense, the cost of getting to your destination? Stanley Emerson has these tips to save on the cost of air fares.

The Cheaper Way To Get Away by Stanley Emerson
All people need a break, to reconnect with the spouse, to reward the kids, to recharge the soul. But planning a vacation getaway can quickly turn into a stressful project when the subject of expenses comes up. Airfare alone can kill the fantasy. And when people already factor in accommodations, food, and shopping, any budget-conscious mother would just give up and stay home.

Thankfully, there are now more options for quick and fun vacations without having the costly air fares.

Cheap Airfare

So, how does low-cost or cheap air fare work exactly? Simple: Budget air travel gets you to your destination in the shortest time and at the cheapest possible price. Continue reading “Travelling on a budget”