Caring for fish

Pet FishHave you ever lost yourself watching fish swim effortlessly around their tanks, zipping in and out of grasses and majestically moving among their friends? We all love to see our fish swimming with ease in the water, happy and healthy.

Creating an environment that helps our fish connect with their natural habitat and providing them the space they need to stay healthy, does take thought and effort.

We found useful information provided by Petbarn and PETA to help create ideal living spaces for your fish.

Research fish species

The way you set up your fish tank is largely dependant on the species of fish. Some fish require more space than others. Also, consider how well your fish can move around any decorative plants or figurines you put into the tank.

Avoid overcrowding your tank

Overcrowding a tank with too many fish could be harmful to your fish. Too many can reduce the amount of dissolved oxygen levels they need to breathe, the filtration system may not be able to cope with increased ammonium levels, and water quality may be affected.

Get the water right

Check the pH, ammonia and nitrate levels of the water regularly to ensure that the water is suitable for your scaly friends. Fish can also be affected by outside temperature, so check water temperature, particularly on hot days, and adjust as necessary to ensure the health of your fish.

Feeding routine

More active fish require more regular feeding. Consider the size, number and energy they need to expend to ensure you stick to the right feeding regime to suit their species.

Pet sitter

If you’re planning to head away on holiday, opt for a live-in pet sitter who can make sure your fish is routinely fed, the fish tank remains clean and that the water is kept at optimum levels to keep your fish happy and healthy.