House and pet sitting for families – a great way to trial pet ownership and experience new places

Jai Dyson collects eggs from the chooks while his family house-sits a hobby farm near PerthIf you’re lucky enough to own your own pet, then you can appreciate the companionship that a family pet can provide, especially for children.

A report from the Australian Companion Animal Council revealed that more than being a simple playmate and confidante, pets may also aid childhood development.

Studies have shown that children who have grown up with a dog and other pets have a stronger immune system and young children, aged five to six in a family who own a dog, are 50% less likely to be overweight or obese compared with those who do not own a dog. Even the incidental play that children undertake with their dog in the backyard or house contributes to increased levels of physical activity.

But with many people living in apartments, townhouses and renting these days, pet ownership sometimes proves difficult.

For families looking to trial pet ownership, house and pet sitting presents some interesting possibilities. There is the opportunity to experience different breeds, animals and witness whether children are ready for the responsibility that comes with owning a pet.

Whether families choose to house and pet sit for an annual holiday once a year or for a short period around school and work commitments, house and pet sitting can be a good introduction to pet care for children and parents before making the final commitment of owning a new family pet.

An article in the Herald Sun touched on one family’s experience as house and pet sitters and the benefits that it offers for annual holidays.

An additional benefit of house and pet sitting is being able to stay in established homes rent free.

Without the worry of paying for accommodation and utilities, families can concentrate on caring for their new animal friends for the duration of the house and pet sit and staying in an established home with many every conveniences, unlike staying in a hotel or motel.

Getting to know an area is part of the fun and for families wanting to experience more than just the usual crowded tourist attractions, house and pet sitting allows them to live like a local and experience the lifestyle in a new community.

Farm stay house sits are popular with families wanting to escape the city life for a time. Especially if there are farm animals to care for such as chickens and cows and sheep, a farm stay house and pet sit can give children a new appreciation for some of the food we eat.

Learning about new places, animals and the way others live is all part of the adventure for families when they house and pet sit.

To start your new family house and pet sitting adventure, view some of the latest sitting opportunities around Australia.