Cool Cat Sitting Advice

Cat Sitting

There’s a global population of about 220 million domestic cats making them the most popular pets in the world with Japan ranked as the most cat-friendly country. With so many cats around chances are high that a pet sitting job in Australia might include taking care of a pampered feline. When looking after a treasured puss, here’s some advice on how to keep your cat sitting a cool and enjoyable experience for both you and the cat!

Cat languageUnderstand the language

Cats use a variety of sounds, and even body language, to express their feelings.  A meow is the default sound a cat makes. It may mean the cat is happy, angry, hungry or just needs some attention. Learn to distinguish the different tones of meow the cat makes. A purr usually means she is happy. But sometimes it can mean a cat is scared or feels threatened. A cat usually makes a trilling sound as a greeting. It’s something between a meow and a purr. A growl is a warning sound and means “Stay away!” A  chatter – some sort of cross between a meow and a bleat – means she is excited or frustrated about something she’s seen. A hiss means ‘I am afraid and want some space”.

Cats love running waterBe careful with the food and water

Stick to the diet and feeding schedule that the owner gives you. Always have lots of drinking water handy especially in the summer. Cats love running water so setting up a pet water fountain encourages her to drink more. Keep the food and water bowls clean and don’t mix old food with new food.

Cat Igloo Keep the “cat’s corner” comfortable

Most felines sleep 16 hours a day on average so make sure its nook is cosy and quiet. See that the bed is comfortable and always keep it clean. Leave a piece of clothing with your scent on it if you have to leave her alone for a while. Always wash the litterbox before putting in new litter. If there’s some noisy construction work going on, move the bed and litterbox to a quiet part of the home. Put comfortable bedding in a cat carrier.

Remember that “curiosity killed the cat”

Don’t leave small objects like rubber bands, paper clips and needles on the floor for the cat to swallow. Keep toys with strings and feathers locked away if you’re not around. Don’t leave lighted candles where the cat can reach them. Flush dental floss down the toilet and keep the toilet seat cover down.British Blue

Keep cats well-groomed and active

Cats are fastidious about cleanliness so brush her every day and clip claws regularly. Make sure she gets enough exercise by playing with her, creating a bond that you will both enjoy. Petting and stroking will keep most cats relaxed, happy and it also aids with food digestion.

Be prepared for emergencies

Make sure you get the vet’s contact numbers from the owner. Better still, pay a visit to the veterinary clinic and introduce yourself before you start your job. If the cat is injured or shows signs of being sick, consult the vet at once.