Melbourne dog parks for a fun day out

Dog with ball

It’s not uncommon to visit a park in Melbourne and see a doting dog-parent playing with their pooch. Melbourne dog parents certainly are spoilt for choice with the number of dog-friendly parks available. We have listed just some of the parks in Melbourne that you and your dog can visit to run, stretch, search and play for a fun day out.

Brooklyn Reserve Fenced Dog Park

Want a safe place for your furry friend to run around and get some agility training in as well? Well, this park is the one for you. Weave poles, hurdles and logs are ideal for keeping your pooch active and stimulated. Continue reading “Melbourne dog parks for a fun day out”

Caring for Rabbits*

It’s the soft fur and the twitching, little nose that makes bunnies so darn cute. Rabbits* are a popular pet-pal choice for families, and their social nature makes them great companions for any pet-loving household.

For a happy and healthy bunny, plan their environment, nutrition and entertainment before welcoming them as the fur-kid of your family. For more information about caring for rabbits head to RSPCA’s website. Continue reading “Caring for Rabbits*”

Sydney dog parks to take your pooch

Dog ParksA visit to the dog park is a great way for you and your pooch to enjoy some fun and exercise. There are loads of dog-friendly parks around Sydney to take your dog to spend quality time together. Remember to take note of on and off-leash areas and clean up your doggy’s poop when done. Here is a list of just some dog-friendly parks to take your hound this weekend.

Sydney Park, Alexandria

Dogs are allowed off-leash, and there is even a paddling pool for dogs. There are areas where pups aren’t allowed, so be sure to read the signs around the park. Continue reading “Sydney dog parks to take your pooch”

Caring for fish

Pet FishHave you ever lost yourself watching fish swim effortlessly around their tanks, zipping in and out of grasses and majestically moving among their friends? We all love to see our fish swimming with ease in the water, happy and healthy.

Creating an environment that helps our fish connect with their natural habitat and providing them the space they need to stay healthy, does take thought and effort.

We found useful information provided by Petbarn and PETA to help create ideal living spaces for your fish. Continue reading “Caring for fish”

Love your dog this Valentine’s Day

Dogs Valentines dayThere’s a reason why the saying ‘puppy dog eyes’ brings up feelings of love and adoration. It’s because when we welcome a dog into our family, we can be assured of unconditional, unwavering love and affection every day of the year.

Research has shown that our moods, health and social lives improve when we have a dog by our side. It’s time to give back and show our pets how much they mean to us with some Valentine’s Day inspired treats and surprises Continue reading “Love your dog this Valentine’s Day”

Paw-Rated Reviews

Dog with Laptop

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” – Oscar Wilde.

We all like getting compliments or feedback on our efforts or how we can improve. It helps us grow in confidence, in skill and learn for the future. That’s why online reviews matter.

At Mindahome, we have introduced a review system where owners and sitters can leave reviews for each other. If the home and pet owner has invited a sitter to a position and the sitter has accepted, a review for each party can be included on the Mindahome website. Continue reading “Paw-Rated Reviews”

Pet Sitter Profile: The Pet Bestie + House Whisperer

Pet Sitter Profile

Pet Sitter Profile: The Pet Bestie + House Whisperer

Seasoned house and pet sitter, Rebecca, has bucket loads of positivity and her experience in pet sitting will set your mind at ease knowing that your fur-kids are in good hands. Confident in caring for cats, dogs and farm animals, Rebecca will make the ideal fill-in pet-parent the next time you have to travel.  

  1. What has been your favourite pet sitting experience and why?

This is one is EASY! That would have to be when I sat for a quirky doggy called Oscar (An Elderly English Cocker Spaniel) in the burbs of Brisbane. Not only do I consider his owners friends of mine but Oscar had a “Zoolander” (Hilarious movie starring Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson) quirk where he would only turn left. So to go right, he had to go left first. He was a sociable doggy and could play ball for dayssssss. Oscar’s home and neighbours made my stay very comfortable as well with many comforts.

Continue reading “Pet Sitter Profile: The Pet Bestie + House Whisperer”

Pet Sitter Profile: Sonja and Albert

Pet Sitter Profile

With over two years of house and pet sitting experience and backgrounds in cleaning and property maintenance, Sonja and Albert are ready and willing to take on your pet and home care needs. Read more about their favourite pet sits and tips for home and pet owners.

  1. What is your favourite pet to have cared for?

We don’t have any favourite pets. We love each one of them whilst we are on our sits. To us they are all special in different ways.

  1. What is the first question you ask home/pet owners before taking on a pet sit?

Continue reading “Pet Sitter Profile: Sonja and Albert”

Farm Animal Care

Farm Animal Care

You might be thinking about heading out to regional Australia later this year, particularly with the Australian Government considering giving young Aussie job seekers incentives to work on farms.

If farm life piques your interest and your scoping out the latest house and pet sits in rural parts of the country, brush up on your farm animal care to make sure you’re ready for every challenge.

Food, water, exercise and shelter for protection are the essentials for farm animal care. Unwrapped has included tips on their website about how to care for farm animals. Continue reading “Farm Animal Care”

Top Tips: Washing Your Dog

How to wash a dog

Generally speaking, dogs only need to be bathed when necessary. If they have accumulated dirt on their coat or they have an unpleasant odour that won’t go away, then it might be time for a good scrub and clean.

Bathing helps to remove excess hair, scale and debris and improve the shine to your dog’s coat.

RSPCA Pet Insurance has put together a comprehensive Ultimate Guide to Grooming and Bathing Your Dog for a step by step guide and below are few tips to help you get started. Continue reading “Top Tips: Washing Your Dog”