Settling pets during the scary season

As more Australians embrace the spooky season and don the ghoulish costumes to scare the neighbours, consider our four-legged friends with some tips about how to get them through this year’s Halloween.

Scary Treats: Trick or treating goodies may be delicious for kids and those that are young at heart, but some sweet treats could be toxic to our pet pals. Keep your pet’s paws away from the Halloween treats this year. Chocolate, particularly dark and baking chocolate, is a big no no for our pet pals, as are raisins which come in a variety of Halloween-style tricky or treating goodie bags. Also stay clear of gummies and lolly treats as these may include Xylitol, a sweetener that can induce vomiting and be life threatening for dogs. If you’re concerned your pet pal has ingested a treat that could be harmful, head to the vet for advice immediately.

Noise and strange visitors: It’s possibly the only time of year when we’re excited to see unusually dressed, makeup laden, noisy strangers come to our door, but our pets aren’t accustomed to what we’ve all come to understand as Halloween tradition. Your pet may be scared by the noises, costumes and general ghoulishness of Halloween, so it might be best to create a safe space for them in your home while the Halloween fanfare unfolds. Create a space with their favourite toys and familiar smells, and away from the scariness of Halloween.

Update contact details: When pets become frightened, there is the chance that they can escape the safety of their home and get lost. Before Halloween hits, make sure your pet’s microchip details are up to date, especially if you’ve recently moved house, and opt for an ID tag that your pet can wear for easy identification, so they get home safely sooner.

Cords and cables: It’s fun to set the mood with spooky lighting, but cables and cords snaking around the floor can been seen as a form of fun for pets, especially our feline friends. Make sure cables are securely tied and covered and, if possible, out of reach of pets to prevent them from chewing through the wires.

Costumes: Everyone loves a pet in costume and Halloween is another perfect opportunity to dress up our pet pals. However, safety should be the number one priority when considering a costume for your doggo or kitty. Make sure the costume is a comfortable fit around your pet’s neck and chest with enough room for them to move easily and run around. Always monitor your pet while they are wearing their costume as they might become tangled or ingest some of the decorative items such as buttons and ribbons. Grabs a few snaps and show off your pet in costume, but don’t leave your fur kid in their creepy threads for too long.

If you’re planning Halloween celebrations, keep our pet pal’s safety in mind and seek advice from your vet if you are concerned about your pet’s wellbeing.

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