3 Steps to Take Before Your Next Family Get Together

17.4.2bLiving away from home, whether it is a few hours, or a bit farther afield, can be liberating. You have your own space and can do what you want, when you want. But celebrating on your own can be a little lonely, so making tracks back to the family home for key celebrations like Mother’s Day, Easter and Christmas, is usually on the cards.

But after weeks, months and sometimes years of complete autonomy, the prospect of sharing a living space with others may start to send chills down your spine.

So rather than fretting a potential awkward moment when someone walks in on you in the shower or find that you don’t have a moment’s peace, think about house and pet sitting nearby to stop others cramping your style.

Almost 10% of Mindahome’s members house and pet sit to visit family and friends interstate. The advantage of house sitting is that you don’t need to burden family members with putting you up for a few days or weeks. An added bonus is that you have your own space to lounge about or relax at your own pace.

Of course, key holiday celebrations are often the busiest times of year. So unless you want to be paying extraordinary peak season surcharges at a hotel, motel or other accommodation provider, then we suggest you take a few simple steps to secure your free house and pet sitting holiday accommodation when you need it.

  • Plan Ahead: If you’re considering a trip to visit family, then looking for house and pet sits well in advance in areas nearby family is a must.
  • Draw the Right Attention: If you’ve had a few ‘thanks for applying, but we’ve found someone’ responses to your applications, then consider revamping your profile to make it more attractive to home owners. Treat every opportunity like a job interview. Make sure your profile photo is professional and that you have detail about your experience and testimonials included in your profile explanation.
  • Be Flexible: Visiting family and friends is usually arranged around specific holidays and celebrations, but you’re able to arrive a few days earlier or leave a few days later to align with specific house sit dates, you’re sure to win a few positions that meet your requirements.

Mindahome has a range of house and pet sits available that coincide with Mother’s Day and Easter celebrations, so check out availabilities online and start planning for your family visits.