5 Thing You Can Do To Show Your Pet You Care

We can all agree that our dogs show us unconditional love, but have we ever stopped to think whether we show as much affection in return?

Many Australians can’t contemplate what life would be like if our dogs weren’t by our side. Many of us treat our pets just as we would a human child.

But while a cuddle and a pat will always be welcome from our fur-kids, does it really show just how much you care for this tongue wagging, ball catching, bundle of fun and friendship?

To show your special fur-friend just how much they mean to you, try these small gestures that will not only give your some genuine fur-kid/pet-parent time together, but also show your fur-pal just how much they mean to you.

Create Together Time

spend one-on-one time with them every day. Daily walks are great, but creating a specific play session where your attention is devoted solely to your fur-friend will provide some great interaction that will only strengthen your bond.

Get Playful

Treats and toys are a lovely way to show you care and making your own toys can be fun too. Make your own tug-of-war rope for you both to play with and have a variety of toys on rotation so that play time always seems fresh and fun.

Learn Dog Massage

Why not incorporate some dog massage into your daily playtime ritual? You can find a variety of YouTube videos  and books that cover dog massage, so read up and learn the techniques to treat your dog to a relaxing massage.

Chat Together

Reading and talking to your dog could be the most direct way to communicate with them. Your dog will pick up on your mannerisms and will love to hear your voice. So pick up a book and read aloud with your canine companion sitting on your lap, or simply sit down and have a good ‘ol chat.

Get Active

Daily exercise with your dog is one of the easiest ways to keep yourself, and your dog, fit and healthy. But is also presents many bonding benefits. Research exercise routines to do with your dog – they’ll not only be fun, but a great way to keep you focussed and on your toes throughout the workout!