Making Your Pet the #1 Priority

There are a range of reasons why people choose to be a house and pet sitter. Many join for the freedom of living in different locations, travelling the country, meeting new people and furry friends, or saving money by living rent free.

But one thing is for sure – house and pet sitters are animal lovers.

Many house sitters have grown up with animals but aren’t able to own their own, so house and pet sitting gives them the chance to snuggle up with a pet-pal for a while. Others simply enjoy the opportunity to get out and about with a variety of different animal companions.

99% of Mindahome’s house and pet sitting positions involve the care of a pet, so a love of animals is a must. 59% of Mindahome house and pet sitters actually admit that saying goodbye to pets is the hardest things about leaving a house sit.

Here are 3 top tips to making sure your pet is given the star treatment during your next house and pet sit.

1. Meet and Greet
It’s always a good idea to meet potential house and pet sitters before they arrive for the actual sitting
period. It’s the “getting to you know you” phase which is an all important part of realising whether
sitter is right for you and your pet. This process gives you a chance to introduce your pet to the
sitter, observe their interaction and get a feel of the sitters approach to your pet.

2. Be Big on the Details
Make sure your pet sitter knows exactly what your pet’s daily routine is and their unique character
traits. Just like humans, our fur-kids have special little nuances that only you can know, so ensure
your sitter has an understanding of your pet’s likes and dislikes so that they can provide for their
habits and preferences while you’re away.

3. Keep in Touch
Most sitters stay in regular contact with owners while they are away; providing feedback about their
pet’s progress in their absence. Schedule regular update times and day during the house and pet
sitting period to either call or Skype with your pet and sitter. This will ensure that both you and the
sitter can set aside the time to chat and everyone understands the expectations of pet care before
and during the sit.

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