10 Steps to finding the Perfect Pet Sitter

Image_6Finding the right pet sitter for your furry, scaly or feathery friend will ensure that your pet is comfortable and stress-free while you’re away.

Here are some steps to follow to guide you to finding their right pet sitter for your pet.

1. Give yourself time: Post your position well in advance of the sit period, if possible, to give you time to gather applications and review their experience and references

2. Be specific: Be specific about your pet sitting requirements to make sure you attract the right sitter. Mention routines and medication requirements, if relevant, to let the sitter know what to expect

3. Do your research: Many house and pet sitters come with testimonials, police checks and references. Take some time to contact references and read through testimonials to give you an idea of what to expect from your pet sitter Continue reading “10 Steps to finding the Perfect Pet Sitter”

The #1 trait that house and pet sitters can offer your pet

be2House and pet sitters are special people. They understand that the bond between animals and humans is strong and one that makes separation, even for short periods, difficult.

So unlike some other pet care options, house and pet sitters bring compassion to your home and treat your pets and animals as if they were their own. Continue reading “The #1 trait that house and pet sitters can offer your pet”

Our animal companions

Ad2We all know that Australia is a nation of pet lovers with more than 60% of Australian households owning at least one pet. Australia also has one of the highest levels of pet ownership per capita in the world!

Our four legged, furry, fluffy, feathery and reptilian pets are companions that share just as much love as human members of the family in most cases. And it has been proven that above companionship, pets also provide psychological and physiological benefits to owners.

The roles animals play in our lives changes as we progress through different life stages but at each time our pets play an important role in comforting us, helping us to combat challenges we face in our lives or just be there as the ever stoic friend. Continue reading “Our animal companions”

Home security during a house and pet sit

22bMany home insurance companies prefer that you have a house and pet sitter in your home while you’re away because it makes the house look ‘lived in’.

With many house and pet sitters providing police checks and testimonials from previous positions, you have the peace of mind that they will be trustworthy, but there may be a few added checks you may want to do prior to leaving:

  1. Inform your insurance company of the period you will be away and mention that you will have a house and pet sitter staying in your home
  2. Advise neighbours that you will be on holidays and perhaps even introduce them to the house sitter so they recognise the face staying at your house
  3. Generally, the cost of utilities and internet, etc are covered by the home owner, however on some occasions home owners negotiate a bond with house and pet sitters, that is returned at the completion of the sit Continue reading “Home security during a house and pet sit”

Finding the right pet sitter for your four legged friend

cat2bThe Mindahome house and pet sitting service is all about connecting home owners with the right house and pet sitters and it’s always good to hear about stories where a perfect match was made.

Danielle’s feline friend, Miss Ivy, didn’t like being alone and her health and emotional well being had suffered from a previous stay in a cattery. So Danielle signed up for a house and pet sitter and found, what she describes, as ‘an Ivy Angel’.

For the four weeks that Danielle and her family were away, they received regular text messages about how Miss Ivy was coping and when Danielle returned, they came home to a happy cat and immaculate home. Continue reading “Finding the right pet sitter for your four legged friend”

Choose a pet sitter for the health of your pet

Pet health

All animals have different personalities and unique characters. Some are more laid back than others which can affect how they adapt to change and separation from you.

The different environment and routine of a boarding facility can be stressful for your pet. Some of the symptoms of stress could also continue for a few weeks after your fur friend is back in your care and own home. Continue reading “Choose a pet sitter for the health of your pet”

Engaging a house and pet sitter – what you need to know

writing a great home owner adEngaging a house and pet sitter to care for your property and pets when you have to travel can be cost effective and convenient.

When engaging a house and pet sitter, there are a few things you may like to consider:

  • Listing your position: Registering your position on Mindahome.com.au is free, but some positions will attract more enquiries based on the information provided. You may like to include information such as availability of public transport close by and proximity to shopping centres or major towns. You may also like to include information about your home such as backyard size, outdoor areas, a swimming pool, spa or air conditioning. If you require for your pet to be cared for while you are away, be sure to mention any specific requirements, such as administering regular medication, and also mention if there is any garden maintenance. Continue reading “Engaging a house and pet sitter – what you need to know”

Pet Care Checklist

pet care checklistThings to consider when you’re leaving your pet

Going on holidays can present some worries, especially when you have to leave your treasured family pet behind. To reduce some of your stress, the team Mindahome House and Pet Sitting has put together a simple checklist that you can use to help you prepare your pet’s holiday at home with the house and pet sitter.

  • Food
    Ensure that you have left plenty of food for your pet, especially any special diets, with easy instructions about regularity, quantity and type for the pet sitter. It is better to have more than you would normally to allow for any spillages or spoilage. Also make sure all your food and water dishes are clean and filled. Continue reading “Pet Care Checklist”

Pet owners info

Is a House Sitter coming to care for your Pets?

Using a Pet Sitter is a great idea and your pets will thank you for it when you are away.  There are a number of things that you can do to make sure your Pet and the Sitter have the best possible time together.

Pet sitters are animal lovers but they do not know about the Diet, Health, Habits, Routines, Rules relating to your pet because each household and pet is different.  Any information you can supply would be appreciated by your Pet Sitter so that they can be as ease knowing they are providing your companions with the care, love and attention they are used to.

Below is a list of some things your furry companions’ may like you to tell their new Sitter! Continue reading “Pet owners info”

Your holiday is more fun when you know your pets are happy


Who doesn’t love their pets? When you are heading off for a holiday or vacation and can’t take them with you, what are your options? Have you arranged for neighbors or relatives to spend time at your home to look after them? Or are you dropping your furry friends off at the local kennel, leaving them sad eyed, confused and wondering what’s going on? Is that what you want and can you really count on your friends and neighbors?

We know commercial kennels are in the business of providing care for pets but are you prepared for the risks involved should the environment you investigated not be as perfect as you imagined? Continue reading “Your holiday is more fun when you know your pets are happy”